Happy Swag Bag 2016

Each December I participate in a great art and craft show in Allentown, PA – the indiemade craft market. The brainchild of two women who care a lot about quirky, individual, high-quality work, it’s been going on for years now. It is one of my two favorite shows, and these two people are a big reason why.

One feature of the show is the swag bag giveaway – the first 50 shoppers in the door get a bag full of treats from us vendors. People line up two hours before the show, standing in snow, rain, and cold, to get one.

Now, I take my clay work to this show, and so the swag bag items I contribute are small clay items. But I’ve also developed my own tradition of giving a small gift to Ann and Teri. I want to thank them for all they do to put together this wonderful show – a show I think of as a holiday party, to tell you the truth.

I don’t restrict myself to clay – this year I made two tiny (4″ x 4″) paintings, one for each of them. Here they are for you to see.

Interior Design

These postcards are collages, made from the pages of Architectural Digest magazines. I have quite a collection of these publications; my local library saves the discarded issues for me. I love this source for a lot of reasons – the paper quality, the variety of colors and shapes, and the subject matter – I love houses and furniture.

Every so often I like to “shop” in these magazines and create my own surreal rooms. That’s what I have done here.

Odd Fellows

I made some cylinder figures, with both closed and open top heads, in Art Camp Claudia McGill this summer, and I liked them. So here are a few more of the closed-top variety, made in October, 2016. They are smaller, about 4-5″ tall.

Three Thumbprint Ladies

This postcard was made in this way – Paint the background. Paint some sort of rectangular shapes. Decide they are dresses for some ladies. Put paint on your finger and press it on the background, above the rectangles. Add some arms, legs and faces using a pen. There! Suddenly you have three ladies looking back at you.


From May, 2016.

Sideways Glance

Here is a cylinder-type figure, made in October, 2016. You may remember an earlier one I did in Art Camp Claudia McGill.

I’ve given you a front view, a back view, and a detail of the color work. I am not sure the figurine is happy about all this attention – just look at his face…