Tiles From December, 2016 – Group 9

These are both from photos I took in Allentown, PA.

Tiles From December 2016 – Group 8


Tiles from December, 2016 – Group 7

Nature. Just nature.

Orange and Orange

Two postcards from January, 2017.

Twigs – I printed out a photo of some twigs I had taken – I don’t know when…anyway. And then I colored over it with Caran D’Ache Neocolor II crayons, the water-soluble ones. I attached it to a recycled cardboard background and turned it into a postcard.

Planet – I painted a cardboard background, collaged, it, painted it, and it turned into a depiction of a moon or a planet, hanging very low over the surface of another one – I am hoping it does not fall out of the sky.

The Future Holds a Secret…

…and the secret is, what will these bowls and plates look like when I am finished with them?

I haven’t made any functional clay work in a long time. I’ve focused on tiles and sculptures. But — I got an itch to make some bowls and so…I did. Here they are as they come out of the kiln.

These items are all hand-built. I have several commercially-made bowls and plates that I use as forms.

I roll out a slab of clay (in this case, I am using low-fire terracotta and white clays).

I prepare the form by cutting strips of newspaper and lining the bowl or plate with them, then wetting the strips. This step is necessary to prevent the item I’m making from cracking as it dries – the clay will shrink  and so the paper allows it to move, rather than being stuck to the form, pulling away, and breaking. Once the item is dry, I remove as much paper as I can, but it’s ok if I don’t get it all – the paper burns off in the kiln.

Once everything has dried, I load the kiln and do an initial (bisque) firing.

These items were fired a couple of days ago. Now I will decorate them, and I think it will be a long process, since I intend to put a lot of detail into them. I don’t want to hurry – I want to take my time and enjoy the process. So it may be a while before they reappear, all dolled up!

Tiles from December, 2016 – Group 6

I move to another category of tiles.

These next few groups are made from terra-cotta. They are tiles I rolled out myself, so they are irregular in size and shape, though all about 6″ x 6″. Each tile was fired, glazed, and then fired again. I’ve included a blank tile to show you what I started with.


I did these prints with the Gelli Plate back in summer 2016, during my Art Camp, and I think I photographed them lying on my table. But, here they are, cleaned up and turned into  postcard sizes.


Now I am all ready to be doing a whole new set of printing, aren’t I?