Trees Under the Sun (or is it a Moon?)

Here they are. You decide. Acrylics on wood board, October,


Trees to the Right

I continue to plant my own forest. Here are three trees, each one over to the right side of the picture. Acrylics on wood board, 4″ x 4″, October, 2017.

Real and My Real: Farm

Here’s the real – the Dixon Meadow Preserve, an open space area that is  part of the Whitemarsh Foundation, located about 15 minutes from home. It’s a beautiful peaceful space.  I wrote a post about a visit I made there in early October, when I took this photo.

Now, here is my painting of this scene. It was done in acrylics, 18″ x 24″, on wood board, also in October, 2017.

“Meander Farm”, October, 2017.

A Storm Coming Run Away Fast

A couple of weeks ago I did a post where the idea of order turned out to be important. Order, as in which order you looked at the selections I presented and did it make a difference to the story you formed for the pair? Look here to see what I’m talking about.

If you remember, go ahead and try these two. Two ATC’s picked at random. See what you get when you try to connect them, and, then, when I switch them.

This one is so tricky, too, what with the fact that one is portrait orientation and the other, landscape. Hmmm, I do try to make it interesting…

All right. This way…

That way…

Animals and More

Here are some clay tiles done in October, 2017.

The theme here is animals, insects, birds…

indiemade craft market, December 2 – Here’s the wrap-up

Here’s where I was on December 2, the indiemade craft market…

Claudia McGill, Artist

Yesterday, I participated in the indiemade craft market in Allentown, PA, a long-time favorite show of mine. The event was founded by Ann and Teri ten years ago, and I’ve been in nine of them. It’s a holiday party for me, I always feel; I see many art friends there as exhibitors and I have been lucky to find customers who return to see me year after year and who have become art friends as well.

Ann and Teri are retiring from the show this year and turning it over to Ken and Ron, who have a studio/shop, Mercantile Home, in nearby Easton, PA, as well as a lot of other art ventures that reach out into the community (they explain it better than I can: look here.) There is a sadness about saying goodbye to the founders and the hope that we will be seeing them still (I…

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