I took pictures of chickadees in the snow, back in the winter. I did these paintings of them – originally in snow. I was not happy with the blank whiteness, or maybe I didn’t want to revisit winter, so – I livened things up, made them warmer. I hope the chickadees like these homes I have made for them.

Acrylics, March 2017, 10″ x 8″.


Art-in-the-Park, West Park, Allentown, PA – here’s what happened

Art-in-the-Park, Allentown, PA!

Claudia McGill, Artist

We participated in this show on Saturday, June 17. Normally held in the park, the anticipated weather problems necessitated a move indoors, to the Masonic Temple right across the street.

Glad we were inside, as it did rain hard in the morning and off and on all day. I hate being out in the rain at a show. I do hate it.

Nonetheless, things were chaotic in getting set up, with everyone having to figure out the new layout, find their space, and haul items up and down stairs. Additionally, this is the first year for a new set of show organizers – the previous ones (30 years) having passed the baton. It all turned out fine and I give everyone compliments for adapting and making things really nice.

OK. So we had a spot in the lobby, right at the front door. Couldn’t have asked for a better one.

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Zoom Through the Library Fast As You Can

Some more of those blur photos – the ones where I take the camera and sweep it across the scene. These photos are of books at the library at Chestnut Hill College and were taken in April and May, 2017.

Trees With Bare Branches

Acrylics, 6″ x 6″, from March, 2017.

I like the way bare branches reach out – you can see it clearly when the leaves don’t get in the way. There is something communicative about this extension, I think.