First thing…

"Alter Ego" 2012

“Alter Ego” 2012

I’ll start in right where I am.

This small collage/mixed media work is called “Alter Ego” and it’s a piece of mail art. Gone off to its recipient and I don’t know where that would be, as I don’t keep track. In this blog I plan to post images of my artwork, some information or thoughts about my art doings, list shows and exhibits I am participating in, and talk about art topics that interest me.

I came to making art later in life, and it’s more than my other self by now – my paints, papers, clay, glazes, and brushes are familiar friends and essential to me. I do some art pretty much every day in one form or another, and now I wonder how I got along before I stumbled into this way of life.

I enjoy the process of making art. Once it’s done, it goes out into the world and then it belongs, in every way, to someone else. But it leaves behind the memory of its creation, the satisfaction in doing so, and the motivation to repeat the process in one form or another.

My motto is,
“Give it a try and see what happens”.

Thanks for listening to me and looking at my work.

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