Some Thinking, Illustrated

Here are a couple more of those 12″ x 12″ mixed media pieces I have begun to do.

When I work on these pieces, I usually start with several blank boards at a time. I paint them in various colors at random – I don’t like a plain white surface. Then I get out some papers – found papers or ones that I have painted, or found papers that I have also painted – and see what seems to work together. I generally don’t have an idea or goal in mind; sometimes the painted background will send me in a direction or sometimes I just start in and see what develops. I value not having a goal or an endpoint that I must reach – I think I have done enough of that in life and I find a refuge from it in my art.

As I work the piece will develop a direction and I try to follow it. The group members don’t have any connection thematically, but they may have some resemblance in color since I started off painting them all at one time. I do not know where I am going and I am not always sure when I am finished, but eventually I stop working. People have asked me how I know when I am finished with a piece. I say, when it is sold, or I can no longer get at it to revise it. I often see puzzled looks at this statement, but it is the truth.


“I Progress Slowly But I Am Not Impatient”, 2013


“Three Trees and a Bowling Ball Moon”, 2013


3 thoughts on “Some Thinking, Illustrated

  1. Claudia Post author

    All this art stuff seems to go a lot easier when I don’t try to make it do anything in particular. Maybe a good idea for the rest of my day and the other things I do?

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