Emerging from the Fire…


What I saw when I opened the kiln.


These two ladies look as if I have interrupted their conversation.

Here are a couple of photos from the most recent kiln load – it was a bisque firing, meaning the items went in as dried clay, very fragile, and came out in a harder form. It’s the first step in completing clay work; the pieces will be glazed and go through another firing, at a higher temperature, to finish them.
This load was a mix of tiles and objects – there are some tall and small figurines, some hand-built dishes, and lots of tiles – tiles are the item I make the most often.

The pieces are different colors because I used different clays. I like to mix up my selections. Each clay handles differently, glazes differently, and produces a different effect, and I like the variety it gives to the working process and to the finished work.


6 thoughts on “Emerging from the Fire…

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  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you! I did clay for a number of years in a casual way, and got more interested in it after a night class at our local high school. I made some friends in the class and we kept meeting after the sessions ended (in my basement…). I took all our work to a friend’s kiln for some time. Gradually the others dropped away from doing clay but I got more interested and finally made the investment of the kiln. Snce then I’ve gotten more involved since it was easier to produce work. So you can see it kind of grew as time went on-I certainly never thought I’d be in this position when I took that class!

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