Someone Else Came Into the Room

Here is one more figurine from the last firing. Why is she a bit late to the gathering? Well, when she came out of the bisque firing, her right arm fell off near the elbow when I touched it. I had noticed a small crack in the greenware stage, where the arm bends, and I was not surprised. The clay was a little dry when I formed that arm, I did know that, but I’ll take my chances, I thought when I saw the crack develop as the clay dried. Besides, at that point, what else is there to do?

So she went through the glaze firing in two pieces, and I glued the arm in place afterwards. Looks good to me. I don’t like to display or sell items with flaws such as these, although if I do, I mark them clearly for the buyer. But in this case, I can just use it for an excuse to keep the figure. I like her.

In the full-length picture, she seems to have her nose in the air. I make my figurines with their heads slightly tilted up, since most of the time the viewer is looking from above, and I want the faces to be seen. But I also like the idea that they look up to the sky and the air and the sun.

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