A Calm Spot in the Middle of Busy

I have been working on some collage/mixed media pieces and have finished a group of four, each 12 ” x 12″, on a 3/8″ board surface that came already primed. I painted randomly on each one of them and then added some papers I found interesting. At that point, the pieces began to diverge and I worked on one at a time, until all four were finished. I will give each one its own bit of attention in the next few posts.

We have a nice front porch, shady most of the day. It’s shielded by bushes from the street, which is a busy one and, since we have a small front yard, seems very close. We also have the local high school across the street and though it is set back across the sports fields, it is an active spot as well. But if I sit in the chair, I look out at all the flowers and bushes and trees we have in the yard and feel myself in a peaceful spot. These thoughts went through my mind when I was making this piece, “Sitting on the Porch, Nothing Much to Do“.

“Sitting on the Porch, Nothing Much to Do”
12″ x 12″