Onlooker to a Drama, Maybe

I have been working on some collage/mixed media pieces and have finished a group of four, each 12 ” x 12″, on a 3/8″ board surface that came already primed. I painted randomly on each one of them and then added some papers I found interesting. At that point, the pieces began to diverge and I worked on one at a time, until all four were finished. I will give each one its own bit of attention in the next few posts.

A city formed itself from the papers and paint that I applied when I was working on the group in the first steps. I liked the angled buildings and reddish sky. But it seemed lonely to me, so I added the people. Now, I have a sizeable population of paper people on hand all the time to choose from – I cut them out and paint them, then they wait for the right place and time. So, to find inhabitants for this piece, I tried different groupings until this one – they seemed to fit the situation.

I enjoy the fact that I don’t really know what they are doing in this city, if they are really alone, or they just feel there is no one else around because they are so engrossed in their own situation. It’s a mystery and, as I am when in a real city and observing its inhabitants, I am always inclined to speculate and imagine.

"Alone in the City" 12" x 12" 2013

“Alone in the City”
12″ x 12″


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