Part One – I Want to Be a Clay Tile

As a prequel (is that the right word?) to the previous post, which included some images of tiles freshly made, I found some photos of the process leading up to that point. My husband took them so that I could document to a show entry committee that I actually make the product I sell (people do pass off buy-sell items quite often). It’s a bit informal, these pictures, as we just pulled out the camera and photographed whatever was there. But it shows the run-up to a tile ready to turn itself into greenware by doing nothing more than drying.

I’ll try to add more photos of the process as time goes on. But that’s a key factor in clay work – time, so I don’t know when the next installment will be. It’s up to the clay…


4 thoughts on “Part One – I Want to Be a Clay Tile

  1. Elephant

    It is VERY INTERESTING! A press – great way to get the base of the tile consistent – I remember with my primitive clay efforts I used a rolling pin. You obviously have great skill and a wonderful eye. It is such a pleasure to see an artist at work thank you for documenting this. Now lets have a video of you working on the surface design!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you for all your support, I appreciate your telling me. I used a rolling pin at first, but a combination of wanting to do a greater volume of pieces and some troubles with my hand led me to the slab roller, and I thank it every time I use it, it’s made things so much easier. Now the video is beyond my husband’s skills, so I would need to have my son help us when he visits next time. So we’ll see!

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