No Agenda

Here’s a recent piece of mail art I did. No reason for making this portrait, no idea who it ever could be or where the inspiration came from. I just wanted to make some mail art.
Sometimes a postcard is just a postcard.

Postcard - Mail art

Postcard – Mail art

4 thoughts on “No Agenda

  1. Elephant

    I don’t want to admit that I am interested in mail art. Oh NO – can I get involved in something else?

    Love the idea that people are mailing art around – but I am a dope and don’t know the essence of this “business.”
    With like and fear,

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Hi, thank you for so many nice messages. I really appreciate the time and attention you have paid to my work.

    Yes, I am just one person, luckily with the time now to do more of what I want to do!

    I will not be near the computer today but I wanted to reply and thank you, and tell you I’ll get back to you maybe tomorrow or maybe Monday with more info on mail art. I stumbled into it myself through kind of a coincidence and I just love doing it. And, it’s up to the mail artist how much or how little they want to do with it. Or at what pace. I see people who I think must spend all day on it and others who are not so much. There are good mail art blogs, too, and I’ll get some info together.

    OK, off to my next thing! Happy Saturday.

  3. Elephant

    Dear Claudia,

    So glad you have “other” things to do! This can get to be a bit much. Don’t rush – I am a slow go – when it is convenient I would like to know more, but please don’t feel rushed!

    You are a nice individual!

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thinking about mail art, I decided to do a post on it, as I had a lot to say. If I missed something you are interested in, just say so, and I will do my best to answer it!

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