Personalities Revealed by Tiny Houses

I love houses. All kinds of houses. Big, small, rowhomes, mansions. When I’m at a party and the host asks if anyone wants a tour, I’m number one in line. My family has always visited houses on vacations – if we can’t get enough historic or otherwise significant ones to look into, we find some real estate developments and tour the sample homes.

I have a collection of books of vintage house plans. If I need a calming, restful activity, I pull out one of them and settle myself down for a pleasant evening.

So if you see a house in my work you know it comes from my heart – one of my favorite subjects ever.

Here are two 4″ x 4″ pieces that depict tiny homes.


5 thoughts on “Personalities Revealed by Tiny Houses

  1. Elephant

    Thanks! I like the houses with hair! I saw a post the other day – photos of houses with faces – now where was that?

    I do have the perfect post coming up for you – Tom Thumb – a wardrobe made by his mother all out of natural materials – and yes, there is a hat involved.

    You are too much!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    You are right, I will love to see Tom Thumb’s outfit. There are so many descriptions of clothing made from leaves, nutshells, etc., in fairy stories – I’ve always really liked that.

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