Meanwhile, Clay Work Still Goes On…

The clay work still is going on, but it doesn’t always lend itself to photos. I have these items all ready for glazing and hope to get to it this weekend.

It is interesting to me how differently the clay looks when it is fully fired and when it’s just been bisqued, as it has here. Since I use so many different clays sometimes I can’t remember what items I made in what clay. I had the light bulb come on a few months ago – make a test tile as a bisqued example of the clay, and have one for each clay I use.

This idea has solved a lot of useless speculation as to what clay it is I am working with and what glaze I want to use on it!


4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Clay Work Still Goes On…

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I have made several fairly large mosaics on panels, as well as mosaic stepping stones, etc. But I don’t use tiles I have made myself for these – I use commercial tiles, glass or porcelain, the small ones, and I will cut them to fit as needed. It’s a whole different process. I don’t use the tiles I make because by their nature they can’t be grouted – both because they are not glazed, and because of all the relief in them. People often ask if I will make tiles for kitchens, etc., and I explain that they’d need glaze and also I would need to make them with a large flat border around the image to acccomodate the grouting process. Then I say I don’t want to do this because it changes so much what I am doing and I just don’t want to! And people are usually very surprised. But I don’t want to make tiles for installations.

  2. Elephant

    I can understand your desire not to make tiles for installations. I was curious because if you did I would like to see how it looked. Everyone must put limits on what they do and what they want to do – otherwise who would we be?

    I really love you work – such a sure hand and such a nice clean strong image in the clay – I would be happy if I made just one of your tiles!


  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    It’s the result of a lot of practice. Like anything else, you have to find your own way. The tiles and other work I did when I started out, well, I look at pictures now and I see so many flaws, but at the time I was happy with them. It is true that if you work at something, you will improve, I think, if my clay work is any indication.

    I have done commission work for collage in the past but don’t do it anymore. Same as for tiles – invariably you find yourself veering away from what you want to do to what you think someone else wants you to do.

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