Quite a Gathering

I spent some time last week making all these little people. There are 103 or 104 of them – I lost count a couple of times and decided this was close enough. You can see I’ve been using a lot of different clays – I like a variety.

They are drying and waiting for the next bisque load to fill up for the kiln.


4 thoughts on “Quite a Gathering

  1. Elephant

    I can see the different clay! But what I really see is that these look like those Chinese soldiers unearthed . . . A beautiful marching army!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    When they are in a group like this, it is kind of overwhelming. I don’t usually like to make so many of one thing at a time, but I needed to get the numbers up for these little guys as they are popular. And I do like making them. But so many – it’s a sight.

  3. Elephant

    A good sight! I like that army of Chinese warriors and I like your army too! Still have no idea how you are so productive!

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