A Nice Surprise

When yesterday began I didn’t know I’d have such a nice memory to take away from the day when it ended!

A collage student of mine, Christine, emailed me and told me her aunt, Sheila, was in town. I correspond with both Christine and Sheila in the mail art world. Obviously I know Christine personally but I had never met Aunt Sheila. Christine said Aunt Sheila had wondered if we could meet and maybe she might see my studio? Of course I said yes right away. What a nice chance to see someone I know only through their art, and to catch up with Christine, too.

So they came here yesterday afternoon. We had such a nice time visiting and talking about the art-making process, the various kinds of art we do, mail art, and a lot of other subjects. Including poetry. We are word people as well as visual art people – I think that’s one reason we like mail art.

What a nice treat this was for me and I really appreciate it that they made time for it.

So, if anyone comes to my studio they go home with a souvenir. That’s just how it works! Aunt Sheila is a librarian and she had been looking at my altered art books. I don’t really sell them too often – they take time to go through and appreciate, and that doesn’t really work well in art shows and fairs – people are on the move. And I want the books to go to people who I think will really value them. They take a lot of time, they have a lot of art in them, and I also try hard to write a text that goes with the pictures and yet could stand on its own.

The idea was just right for Aunt Sheila. She looked over the selection and this is the one she picked. Thank you, Christine and Aunt Sheila, for your visit.


10 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. laurie spencer

    Claudia, that book is wonderful and I am so happy it will be in good hands because I know how much that means to you.
    Speaking of your books, I look at mine often. The last time was 2 days ago.
    The “Illumination” book inspires me on a regular basis!
    Please know that the books I have are in great hands and I enjoy them both so much!

  2. Elephant

    Lucky stinker that Aunt Sheila. What a beautiful book! Wise of you to give it to someone who will really appreciate it. I like the husky men in folded form! This post was nice!

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    You know it makes me happy to hear this. I really hope people will enjoy my books for a long time. I think I try harder with them than anything else I do. Thank you for telling me, too.

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, yes, it takes time to make them, so I have gotten choosy about who gets them. None of this “I need to match my sofa” kind of thinking about art for these books.

  5. Elephant

    Perhaps you should reserve them for very special people and people willing to buy a sofa to match the book!

  6. Claudia McGill Post author

    I think there is something in that. Why shouldn’t people fit their furnishings to their art rather than the other way around? I like it.

  7. Deb

    Love this book! Hope u keep making them….Did Aunt Claudia buy it from you or was it a gift? Either way she is very lucky!

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