We’re All So Blue

Here is a selection of tiles I just took out of the kiln. This particular group was made with a dark brown clay I love the look of, Standard #266. And I love this new (to me) blue underglaze from Speedball, Medium Blue.

An interesting thing, too, about these tiles – they have a bit of a sparkle in the clay. Every box of clay is slightly different, of course, but this has not shown up for me before. Maybe some mica in the mix? I like it, and people have remarked on it.


2 thoughts on “We’re All So Blue

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I was not sure how things would look when I first tried this combination but I’m more than happy with the result. Very calm look to the pieces because of the low contrast between the shades, and the underglaze does a nice job of emphasizing details without calling attention to itself.

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