The Pictures Inspire the Words

Here is an altered art book I have just finished, called “Warm-Hearted Season”.

For information on how I go about creating a book like this, here is an earlier post I did on altered art books. Right now I have several other books on a table in my studio, work in process. They’re waiting for my time and attention. I have done the first round of art in each one, but they need refining and some additions. And then of course they will need some text.

Working on these books takes time. So, I don’t sell them anymore, just keep them or give them for gifts to the right person. I recently gave one to a mail art correspondent when I met her in person. She was a librarian, so it seemed extra fitting, and I knew the book would have a good home.

If you’re interesting in seeing a couple of other books, look under my category “Artist Books”. In each one you can read the whole book – I’ve posted all the pages. I have some more completed books that I can show you, as time goes along – and there are still those books waiting for me to finish them, their contents still unknown!

2 thoughts on “The Pictures Inspire the Words

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I have sold a couple of them, for very minimal prices, because they were on display at exhibits with work that I was selling. But I didn’t like doing it. The books just seemed to be in another category from the work I created knowing that I would put it up for sale. And if I evaluated them on the basis of the amount of artwork, the prices would be quite high and then they’d never belong to anyone! I wanted people to have the books, and I also found myself wanting the recipients to really value them. So all this led to my idea not to sell them anymore but to give them away, and that way I could choose how it all worked out. Funny how possessive I have felt about these books when I don’t feel that way about my other work.

    Thanks for looking at the book!

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