Work on the Work Table Progresses

Here are some photos of the work table doing what it does, help me in my work! I have decided to finish up some lingering projects and to prepare for some new things. The table sees it all.

In this photo I have finished up the small 4″ x 4″ mixed media pieces – if I stick with these the way they are, they will need a coat of acrylic gloss medium and paint around their edges. I have also done some more with these abstract acrylics – working on them as a threesome keeps me from getting too fussy with them. I also have 4 artist books in the later stages of creating the images for them – I’m finishing them up so that I can later put words to the pictures. I stand them up so that the pages can dry without sticking together. I also have some miscellaneous mail art items here – a few envelopes I’m painting is what it looks like.

June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

Here things are a day later. The little abstract paintings have progressed and are close to being finished. How I know that, I can’t say, but it seems so to me. I have put all the little mixed media pieces here and will spread them out to glaze them and then to paint their edges. Mail art envelopes are lying around, drying.

Work table, June 5

Work table, June 5, 2013

Now we move to June 9. Things have changed. I have created a lot of 6″ x 6″ squares and decided that they will become faces. Why, I don’t know. Just felt like it. There are a few I will leave as abstracts, though, I think.
Faces small 6-9-13

These pieces were actually on the table behind me, not the one I usually work on. Here is the front table – it seems to be serving as a paint tube parking area at the moment. I do see some mail art envelopes scattered around, too.
Front table 6-9-13 small

Finally, I have been working on three larger paintings, and I have set them on a side table until I can get to them and work some more. They are at the stage where they need to be focused upon one at a time.
Abstracts on table 6-9-13 small

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