Our Future is Sudsy

Here are some dishcloths I made recently.

I’ve been knitting since I was 8 years old. I’ve made all kinds of things over the years. But right now, summertime, I am working on dishcloths. Here are the latest ones. Knitting does not seem to bother my hand, for which I’m thankful, as I love to knit. I have a pleasant routine in which I sit down in front of the TV at night and knit. It’s not uncommon that I lose the thread of the show and instead wander into my own thoughts.

As I said, I’ve been knitting for many years, and yet I see a mistake in one of these dishcloths – the purple and white one. A little purple stitch pushed into the white column…I guess my thoughts may have wandered too much – and I only noticed the mistake when I took the pictures. Well, the dishcloth will work just as well, won’t it?


2 thoughts on “Our Future is Sudsy

  1. Norunn Mølsæter

    Hi, nice patterns! I love to knit as well, l learned the basic as a teenager a looong time ago and to took up the needle so to speak a couple of years ago. I have learned a lot by myself since then, but the good thing is that it will always be more, and there will always be mistakes, in mine anyway, but the creator usely is the only one to notice, or so they tell me anyway….!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, I have collected all the patterns from various places on the internet, and I love slip stitch knitting because I can use 2 colors at once so easily. You are right, there is always more to learn, that makes knitting so interesting to me. And mistakes – there is no end to them, but, really, they usually don’t matter too much, or, the good thing with knitting is you can go back and fix them and it’s like they never happened. I am happy to hear from another knitter, thanks for your message!

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