Nothing in Particular, Paint and Cardboard

Here are some more postcards, done at the same time as those landscape ones you may have just seen. These did not want to be landscapes. I cannot say why, but instead this is what emerged.

They are painted in acrylics on the cardboard that comes from cereal, etc. boxes, done on the plain, more absorbent, side. And they are certainly able to be mailed – 4.25″ x 6″.


2 thoughts on “Nothing in Particular, Paint and Cardboard

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    This cardboard thing has grabbed hold of my brain and I am liking what is happening. Seems to be bringing up some new ideas. Landscapes, where did that come from? The more abstract ones, once again, it’s knowing when to stop. The surface takes the paint really obligingly and seems to give me a little more room for overdoing it without ruining it, though. Not like my sworn enemy, canvas – I cannot get in tune with how to work with that. Thanks for looking, thanks for the compliments, and I always appreciate it that you take the time to tell me.

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