Wordless Communication

Here is a small book I have just finished. It’s called “Crowd Scene”. I created the pages each one with a little figure on it, and was planning to give them some words. But when I put the book together, it seemed their actions were enough – no words needed.

As a note, when I make these books, I generally will cut out the page spreads, and then work on them in a somewhat random style at first, without stapling them into book form. For one thing, it’s faster, since I can work on more pages at one time – in book form it’s one page at once, and then wait for the adhesive to dry. And for another, it adds that nice element of serendipity to the process.

In this book in particular, the pages are much smaller than the cover, and so you see the same frame around the pages as you go through the book. Though I had not intended for this to happen, I really like the effect it has of unifying the story.

Once the pages are all done, I will assemble them and set up the book. By then I have some ideas as to what order might be a good one for the pages, and a story might be emerging in my mind. Then I look for words or make them up myself.

This time I liked the way the figures seemed to be enacting their own small stories, and left them to it.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Communication

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, I will look up this film.

    I am always interested in the idea of randomly assorted elements in the same space, and how they may or may not influence each other, and how they can be arranged. (Maybe this is a definition of collage, and if so, I am living in it myself!).

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