MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic writing (asemics) & abstract art by Claudia McGill (Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA)


claudia - august - 1

Mail-art by Claudia McGill (Wyncote, Pennsylvania, USA)

Mink Ranch regular Claudia McGill aka Miss Claudia has wowed us with an envelope brimming with her art, most of it post-card size but with larger items also. She sent this message:

claudia - august - 11

claudia - august - 12

The piece that opens the blog is larger, approximately 6 X 10 inches. Tenderfoots are familiar with Miss Claudia’s distinctive collage work and painting style. This batch of work incorporates language/text in various ways, especially asemic writing; this work could also well fit the definition of visual poetry. The piece above is a fantastic example of her paint-over approach. Here is the reverse side:

claudia - august - 2

This is an asemic-oriented piece that suggests book pages. Many comparisons can be made to provide a context. We are reminded of Cy Twombly in particular due to the flowing cursive forms and painterly approach.

claudia - august - 3

We could appreciate Claudia’s use of colour and texture forever. The paint-over…

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