Summer Session

Another summer afternoon was passed doing collage with friends yesterday – the same group I visited about 10 days ago. This time we were prepared for our work – my friends had a variety of small boxes on hand to collage, and I brought some magazines and other papers from my collection at home. So we dove into the projects and came out with art boxes, mail art, and ATC’s (which we then proceeded to trade).

I particularly enjoy watching how the others work. Some are quick and intuitive, applying glue and images lavishly. Others take their time and apply papers very meticulously, considering each placement very carefully. Occasionally inspiration fails one of us and the rest try to help things get back on track.

We also have some interesting conversations around the table (remember, we have a wide range of ages, 5-54), some related to our artwork and the rest on topics from all over. We especially enjoy the conversations about body parts – one group member was creating figures, so there was a constant need to find legs, heads, hair, or shoes (we never did get a suitable pair of white high heels for that one lady, did we?)

Here are the postcards I made in this session. They are each 4.25″ x 6″.

I will show my box later on. And here’s the post describing our earlier session.

Once again, thanks to Anna, Nellie, Luke, and Liv. See you after vacation. We still have a bit of summer left.


5 thoughts on “Summer Session

  1. Elephant

    How nice – I never make artwork with other people unless I am in a class. I will keep a look out for a pair of white high heels (which in my opinion nobody should wear unless maybe it is to their wedding). Fun.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    I typically work on my own – usually can’t concentrate with others around me. If I work in a group, I try to do projects that are smaller and don’t require as much thinking or ruminating what to do next. It’s two diffferent processes, each in its own place. I don’t like to work in classes at all, and if I am teaching a class I try to keep conversation to a minimum (only art subjects allowed) when people are working. But this particular group is very congenial to work with! And we have fun.

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