End of Summer and I’m Sad

Yesterday I visited my collage friends (you know who they are by now, as I’ve written about our earlier sessions). Lots of activity in the house. Two of our members had friends to visit, so they participated only at the end of the day. The remaining three of us spent the afternoon working on collage, interspersed with lunch, drum music, setting up the hose for a cooling sprinkle, a lot of good conversation, and a trip to the driveway to see the cat being pushed in a baby stroller (he lay there so peacefully, no sign of a struggle, and he wasn’t even strapped in. It was obvious he loved it).

We also looked at the collection of collage work they did on their recent vacation. A substantial pile and really nice work. I enjoyed seeing the different styles of the group’s members all in one viewing.

Once we settled into our work, the afternoon passed too quickly. We made individual collages, mostly postcard-sized, and we spent some time looking for a suitable baby and its parents to complete an image (who just met as they landed in the collage, but that’s how collage works). I concentrated on furniture and rooms – I do like that subject. When the friends went home, our group went back to five, and more collages were produced, quite quickly. I am amazed at the facility with which each person is now working – everyone seems to feel comfortable with the materials and the techniques and knows how to go after the effects they want.

While the two late-comers were finishing up their work, the rest of us did a few pass-arounds – each person starts a collage, and after a set amount of time (we used two minutes) it’s passed to another member – we kept working until we had all worked on each collage. Then we took at look at what we made, and it was fun to see the surprise on the originator’s faces at the results.

Then we had to clean up, as it was getting close to dinnertime, and I think we would have kept on going if not for that. We had plenty of inspiration left, I know. So we spread out all our work from the day and took a good look at it, very satisfied, I think.

School is starting soon and so our free time will be limited. But I am hoping we can find some time to do collage together again. I really like our group work. Thanks again, Anna, Nellie, Luke, and Liv.

I’ve got a few pictures of some of the works I made – here they are.


4 thoughts on “End of Summer and I’m Sad

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