Street Fair

I’ve done art shows for about seventeen years now, and I’ve participated in all kinds of events. But most of them take place in a park or along the street, on a weekend, sometimes just Saturday, sometimes both days. It’s a familiar routine – arrive two hours before the starting time, unload the car, set up the tent and the displays, and put out the art. Then, my husband and I (he has missed only one show in all these years and it was because he had just gotten out of the hospital) settle into our chairs and enjoy the day.

These photos show a very typical scene – we were in Doylestown, PA, this weekend, both days. We had lovely weather and a large crowd was in attendance.

I’ve also included some pictures of my artwork on display – you may recognize some of it from earlier posts.

When I do clay shows, I use the same tables, but the racks covered in dark fabric stay home.


2 thoughts on “Street Fair

  1. connie

    Wow you can set up within two hours… Lord it takes me at least four,,, My problem is I do not have a system… Your display is wonderful….:-)

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thanks for your comment! It helps that we have 2 people to do the work. And – after all this time, you are right – it takes a system and we have developed it for packing the car and for storing the art so that it is easier to take out and set up. By now we both know our jobs and just go about doing them. It did take time to figure out how to pack the art and what kinds of racks and tables to use, etc. And then when I started doing clay shows as well, there was a whole new subject to think about. I will tell you that when I started, I did fabric wall hangings, and we had a homemade display involving PVC pipes. No tent. Things have moved a long way since then.

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