Next Stop, the Mailbox

More mail art – these are postcards. I believe I have already sent one of them, the white one with the face. The others wait for their turn. Usually I have a selection of cards built up, and though the number grows and falls, there are always cards ready to be sent. I’ve made the offer before and I will again – if you send me your mail address I will send you something. Just let me know. Can’t say what it will be as I pull it from my file, but it will be a one and only piece of art. Nothing like it before, and nothing like it ever again.


5 thoughts on “Next Stop, the Mailbox

  1. Norunn Mølsæter

    Hi Claudia! Nice cards and a good idea too, – and I would love to get one from you! ( you find my adr in my blogs CV-contact info) I have thought about doing the same, and still I never have one when I need it!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Hi! I usually make mail art in groups so sometimes I have a lot around and sometimes only a little. But I like making it because there are no restrictions and so relaxing to do. I will send you a card right away! Thank you for asking!

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    Well, go ahead and feel cheeky if you’d like (I like that word, wish we used it here) but I’ll be glad to send you a new one! That’s the point of mail art, it needs to go, and I am always very happy when someone goes to the trouble to request it. Send me your address again if you will (at as I can’t find it now…Happy Tuesday, and I hope you are well, too.

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