Simple, Direct, Complete

Here are some Artist Trading Cards.

As you know they are tiny – the official size is 2.5″ x 3.5″ – so any artwork on a card like this has to be simple and direct.

And, the process of making these cards is simple and direct. I took the “blank” card – I say “blank” because they are cut up product boxes and therefore have the printing and shiny finish already inhabiting the space, but I ignore these and do what I want regardless of the images already there. Although of course those images often show through or around the edges, so they do become part of the final artwork.

Already it’s not sounding so simple or direct. Let me pare down the rest of the process. Just smear paint on the shiny side, using a spackle tool or a painting knife. Lay it on in a nice thick way. Any color. Any amount. Then, take a sharp point (I use a knitting needle) and scratch something into the paint. Anything. Repeat this process with another color, if you like. And again. Maybe not more than that.

Then, let it dry, put your name and city on the back, and it’s all done.

I often use this paint/drawing combination technique for more complicated works. This time I just wanted to do something simple and direct.


2 thoughts on “Simple, Direct, Complete

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. Sometimes it is hard to know when to stop adding to a piece, seems like I haven’t tried hard enough, whatever – but things like this remind me that many times, less is more, as they say!

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