Rush Rush Hurry Hurry

That’s the name of this collage. I made it some time ago – I’m not sure exactly when – but it must be six or more years. I sold it and it’s gone from me in the original, but I still have this image of it. Why am I mentioning it now? Well, I was going through my pictures of past works in order to do some organization, and this one caught my eye because I was just in the same area in Center City Philadelphia as is depicted in the collage. My husband, son, and I were walking around City Hall right before Christmas on a rainy day, somewhat as these people seem to be doing. Traffic, people, signs, lights, tall buildings, everything and everyone competing for space. It is energizing just to stand on the sidewalk among it all.

I must have felt the same way when I did this collage – I especially like the delivery truck and what it has to contribute to the scene!

"Rush Rush Hurry Hurry"

“Rush Rush Hurry Hurry”

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  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. In this piece I painted all the papers that I used and I think they work especially well for the windows. Something about the random bits of color – real windows reflect all kinds of things. And I have always liked the geometry of buildings and the arrangement of their features.

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