Renewal of a Friendship

Here is a group of clay tiles in process, the first work I have done in clay since my hand surgery last May and my recovery from an associated infection. Earlier this week, I unpacked all my materials, looked over my clay, and prepared my tables for working. I decided to start the New Year by returning to this activity.

I was a little disoriented – I’ve rearranged my work space and I had forgotten some of my tools. I did wander around a little a first, but soon settled down into the routine of working. The clay I chose, an already-opened bag of red, was quite dry, but still workable, so I decided to go ahead with it. I don’t have much clay on hand right now and I am thinking about what types I will buy when I make the trip to the supplier, a trip that will be pretty soon, from the looks of things.

My hand was a little stiff, but the familiar motions came back to me very quickly. I am glad to be back at work in this medium. I am taking it slowly and focusing on the enjoyment of making things in clay.

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