The Stories They Tell

Artist trading cards are small (2.5″ x 3.5″), but they can contain a whole story in that small space.

Here’s how I made these cards – that’s story number one. When I work, I cover my table with some kind of paper – I had some sheets of watercolor paper on there most recently. The idea is to provide a nice clean surface to work on that doesn’t distract me from what I am doing. Well, it doesn’t stay clean very long. Eventually I have sheets of interesting papers all marked up with paint swirls, spatters, and blobs of color.

So I took these watercolor sheets and cut them to ATC size. Then I did something I’ve been enjoying recently. I took a pen and, using the existing random colors of paint, drew some kind of scene.

So that’s the first story. The second one is the tale each card tells. For instance, how can two little people talk so intently that they miss a bird flying overhead, this close to losing airspeed and falling on their heads? Or, how did that yellow creature, less than the size of a blade of grass, find so much self-confidence? Who’s the bald guy sizing up, and what does baldness have to do with anything?

You see what I mean? Stories are everywhere. Even in a space 2.5″ x 3.5″.


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