Carnivals, ATC’s, Mail Art

Here are some tiny little tiles I have made as the first step in an ATC challenge at the International Union of Mail Artists site. The idea is to take a look at a photo of an object that’s not seen too often but when I describe it, you’ll know what I mean. Think about going to a carnival and being lured into trying out some of those games of skill. You know those little stuffed figures that you throw a ball at, hoping to knock them over and win a prize? The ones all lined up in rows? The ones that, if you are me, you only hit them by luck?

Yes, those little guys. They are the inspiration for each of us in creating ATCs.

I think my renditions are a little more well-fed looking than the originals, but maybe these figures have retired from carnival life and don’t bother to keep in shape anymore.

These little clay figures will go through their usual process of drying, a firing, glazing, and another firing. Then I’ll take photos and use them to work into the ATCs.

I used a very dark clay in this project (Standard #266, firing at cone 5), and I plan to glaze them in my usual fashion, leaving a lot of the clay color exposed. They are maybe 2″ tall.

Don’t know what I’ll do with these tiles once they are photographed – maybe turn them into 3-D ATCs? Wait and see!


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