Little Bits Add Up

The title of this post refers to the bits of clay that are left after I finish up a tile or a figurine or a tiny house or whatever I might be working on. Usually they are on the verge of drying up and one step from being thrown into my jar of slip (slip being a water and clay mix that is used, in my work, to “glue” various pieces of clay together to make a good bond between them.)

I like to use the tiniest bits of clay to make something, though, if I can. So I have a variety of items I create with these leftover bits – buttons, small tiles, and so on. As you might think, as time passes I accumulate a group of whatever the object is.

Here is an example of this leftover-turned-interesting that I recently started to make. These tiles, still in the greenware stage as shown here, measure maybe about 2″, more or less. How I make them – mash all the leftovers into a ball, run it through the slab roller, cut it into squares, scrape over it with my plastic knife, and take my thick wooden dowel (that I mostly use as a kind of rolling pin) and impress the end into the clay.

Then I have a round space just asking to become a face. So I give it the features it needs and – personalities appear.

I will glaze these in the same way I do my tiles, I think, to finish them.

I guess I can glue a magnet on the backs of the tiles and people could stick them on their refrigerators. Or, some people just might like to have a little face tile to look at or carry in a purse or pocket…


4 thoughts on “Little Bits Add Up

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I love making these faces. I also have a variation of this technique I’ll put on here once I get some pictures where I just smash a blob of clay with the dowel end and make a face. They kind of look like suns. Or moons, maybe. Anyway, Thanks!

  2. Sheila

    Oh dear! You are creating a family of sorts and you know they must have a name. I love their personalities, which are shining through. Fun, fun, fun.
    Keep it going,

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