Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

Valentine 2014

How did I make this image? Well, I did a whole group of artist trading cards to send as Valentines, and then I laid a selection of them directly on the scanner, not paying attention to how it looked (since of course they were upside down). Shut the lid and let the computer do the work. So this image is what resulted.

Serendipity is present in art and love, we all know that. Maybe that’s what this image is about?


4 thoughts on “Love

  1. meeah

    this piece is beautiful! speaking of which, I received your post & the generous series of ATCs. I can tell how much I love them by how much you’ve inspired me to try my own hand at ATCs. You have such a signature style in everything you do. btw…you couldn’t have known but the note on the old library lending card was perfect: i’m forever holding on to those (and trying to remove the little paper holder-things in the few older library books that still have them). just a wonderful mailing, which i’ve posted on my blog, and i wanted to thank you. Be well! meeah

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you so much! I certainly can recommend ATCs for so many reasons-but it’s the size of them that appeals to me. One focus, nothing extra. It’s a challenge.

    I had my hand surgery yesterday so we’ll see how I work around it but ATCs are very portable!

    I really appreciate your encouragement.

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