We Are (At) Penn State

We met our son at Penn State on Saturday. He was attending a journalism conference there, coming from his home in Pittsburgh, and we drove from Philadelphia. PSU, in State College, PA, is about halfway between the two cities and so it made a nice chance for us to have a quick visit on a beautiful sunny day.

We are familiar with Penn State, as it’s where our son went to college. We haven’t been back there since his graduation four years ago. We walked around the campus and took the opportunity to leave two figurines.

One is at the entrance to his dorm – he lived in Atherton Hall all four years. The other is at the entrance of Carnegie Hall, where the School of Communications is located – his major was journalism and he now works as a newspaper reporter.

So these little figurines are in two very meaningful places for our family.

What’s the meaning of the title of this post? PSU students chant: We are..Penn State! at all kinds of events. The slight amendment just seemed to fit for these two ladies and their new situations.


4 thoughts on “We Are (At) Penn State

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    It is really getting hold of me, this figurine scattering! I really enjoy it, taking them where I go and then finding a spot for them, and imagining a person finding them…

    I noticed this morning 2 little kids and their mother looking at some painted stone figures I had made for a spot along a trail where I run/walk. Made my day.

  2. connie

    Yes, I was thinking of what people will do when they find their little treasure. The conversations the figurine will create, where will she be placed and so on. Spreading a little sunshine every where you travel, what a beautiful thought.

  3. Claudia McGill Post author

    I try to put them where they are not obvious, but not too hidden away, either. In a place where someone has to be a little observant to see it.

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