A Portrait of One City on One Day

Back in November we made a visit to Allentown, PA – can’t remember why, now, but we had an errand to do or maybe visited the art museum.

Allentown is about an hour from our house, in the Lehigh Valley. I am familiar with the city because as I think I said in my recent post on Mayfair, I’ve exhibited art in the area for a long time, I’ve made many friends there, and my son worked for the newspaper in town for two years.

I love Allentown. It’s got so many things about it that appeal to me – good places to eat, a great art community – so here I’ll stick to how visually interesting I think the city is. City streets, alleys, stately rowhomes, warehouses, parks, solid brick homes, large stone churches, downtown sights.

On this trip we walked around in a couple of areas in an older section. It was a cold November day and things could have looked a little bleak, but I found interesting sights everywhere. I was concentrating on looking for details. Not the big picture, but details.

Here’s an artist book I made reflecting the experience – containing photos I took that day. I sent it to my son.


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