Kid Stuff? Yes or No?

As you know, I walk or run along a rail trail in a park near me quite often. There is a cut through a hill – high rocky walls on either side – and a little indentation in one of them that all of us regulars refer to as the grotto.

People put items in the grotto, and they come and go. I’ve described my own additions in an earlier post. Most recently I added three painted rocks – fat little women figures.

You may also remember that I set a clay figurine on a pile of rocks in the same park, along another trail, and I also chronicled that addition.

Since then, two of the three rock women and the clay figurine have moved on – people take them, and that’s what I hope for, in fact. So I moved the remaining rock woman to the rock pile and set out three new rock women figurines at the grotto.

Why am I recounting all of this history? So you will understand two recent occurrences. Earlier this week I saw a couple of small boys and their mother exclaiming over the ladies in the grotto (the children and the ladies were at the same level, face to face). I just enjoyed seeing the interest the figurines evoked – I know people notice them, of course, since they take them! but I have never seen it in person.

And then today. I had stopped at the grotto to say hello to the women figures. I then walked on and a woman coming the other way down the trail, who had seen what I was doing, said, “Don’t you just love the grotto? The kids put something new there to look at every week!”

I just said, “Yes, and I always stop and take a look,” and went on my way, enjoying my little secret – I am that kid!

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