White Clay Tiles

I’m doing some catch-up in showing some of this clay work. I did these tiles in January before my hand surgery. And – I sold every one of them at the Tile Festival in Doylestown, PA, at the Moravian Tile Works, in May, believe it or not (I didn’t, but it did happen…).

So they are all gone – but – I have just gotten a big load through its first firing and plan to do glazing this week. So, some more work will be coming along.

And I do have a few more tiles left to show from the January work – probably in a couple of days I’ll post them. I do have to make room for the new ones, don’t I?

6 thoughts on “White Clay Tiles

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. At first I found this white clay hard to handle – but I treat it very gently and things go well now> And I like the high-contrast look I get.

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