Finishing Up to Start Over

Here is the last group of images for tiles I did in January, 2014, before my hand surgery and health problems intervened with my art work.

I don’t take pictures of every tile I do – just ones I really like. So you can be assured that each of these pictures represents work I am proud of and want to remember. I have finally gotten to the point that when the clay comes out of the kiln, if I am not totally satisfied with the result, I throw it in the trash right away. I used to agonize over each imperfect piece, but now I don’t want to waste time on pieces that my immediate reaction to is – Ugh. Not nice. Not right.

I have several tables full of work ready to go into the kiln for its 2nd firing. I am hoping to get it done next week, and then there will be new clay to show.


2 thoughts on “Finishing Up to Start Over

  1. julietmacleod

    They’re just lovely Claudia. Hope you’re pleased. Is it oxides you rub into the textures? Really effective. Hope hand and body mending well.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you, every week I get better and stronger, and I’m so happy to be back to clay work. I use iron oxide and the other colors are Velvet underglazes. I choose depending on the color of the clay, what color to use.

    In either case, I bisque fire the work, then cover the whole surface with whatever color, using a paintbrush, and then take a wet rag and under a trickle of water, I rub the item, selecting where to rub off the color. It has taken me some time to learn how the item will look best and how much and where to take away. The end result is that it will stay in the crevices and indented places. Then I fire it again and it’s permanent. I don’t glaze over it – I like the natural surface – but you could glaze over it if you are making something for food, etc.

    Easy process and very rewarding.

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