Done, Finally, I Hope

“Very Hot Summer Day” – I painted this picture about a year ago. I could never quite feel it was finished, complete, said what I wanted to say, whatever you like. Nonetheless, I took it around to shows.

Since it hadn’t sold, I decided that I’d obey my feelings and work on it again.

So here is the result. I like it better now. My mind is at rest. I will be able to look at it in my display at shows and not think – I really wish I’d done more to that painting…

(Acrylics, 24″ x 20″)

12 thoughts on “Done, Finally, I Hope

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you! Sometimes it seems that things need more time to develop and therefore I must be patient. And also listen to that nagging feeling of not being satisfied with a piece, rather than just saying, Oh, I just want to be finished, this is good enough!

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