Something Special

I’ve been setting out little figurines for some time now. This activity has led to so many good thoughts and events for me. Here is the latest episode.

On Sunday, July 6, I put a figurine in an abandoned control box along the rail trail in Lorimer Park. There are quite a few of them left over from when the line was active, scattered along the trail. I think they make a nice spot for a little clay person.

The figurine in place on July 6, in the morning...

The figurine in place on July 6, in the morning…

...and a little closer view.

…and a little closer view.

I then went on my way. I was walking slowly that morning; I have some sore muscles from stepping off a curb while looking up at the sky (don’t do this, by the way). As I walked I reflected on why I liked putting these figures all over the place. I have no one answer to this question, but among other things I hope that they will bring a smile and maybe prompt a bit of kindness or generosity from the recipient toward someone else. I like the idea that I have something to give to others, however small, and that maybe they would find this same ability in themselves.

Anyway, I was lost in thought, when a man about my age, going the other way on the trail, came up to me, handed me a single marigold blossom, said good morning, smiled at me, and moved on, as quickly as that. I was left surprised, smiling, and saying thank you to his back as he walked away.

I felt I’d gotten a direct answer to my hopes with that little gesture.

So, we come to today. I was once again walking along and this sight greeted me this morning:

What I saw on July 7, in the morning...

What I saw on July 7, in the morning…

The figurine has already moved on! I am not surprised, as the trail is very busy on weekends. I hope she is doing good work wherever she has gone.

I am convinced there is something about Lorimer Park this year – some kind of special atmosphere, confluence of influences, rays from the sky, I don’t know what – but it’s been a very healing place for me this year. Maybe for others, too.


5 thoughts on “Something Special

  1. Norunn Mølsæter

    It’s the law of attraction in practice, if you are sending out good vibration, you get the same right back!
    By the way, i would recommand the book of Michael Losier “Law of attraction” and “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne if you would be interested? Good luck on your future walks 🙂
    Regards N.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    I believe it. And I have been trying to live that way.

    I ordered the 2 books you reccommended from the library and I look forward to reading them. Thanks for the tip.

    I hope you are doing well, Claudia

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