Sneaking In and Settling Down

Here are three more stone women that I plan to take to the grotto in Lorimer Park – I think I’ll go tomorrow afternoon. I don’t want anyone to see me putting them in place, so it’s best to go when the park is less busy. I have an appointment in the area tomorrow at lunchtime, so it’s a perfect time to stop and drop them off afterward. Especially since these ladies are a bit hefty and I can’t just carry them in my hands or belt pack – I’ll have to use a little shopping bag.

People do notice a person carrying a shopping bag on the exercise trail. I know this since it has already happened to me – doing just this same activity, only in the morning when a lot of people are around. Don’t say I don’t learn from experience.

Anyway, these ladies are photographed in the place where they received their personalities – my studio. Thought they’d like a memento of where they first met.

three stone women 7-14

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