Paper Dolls

Not long ago, I spent an afternoon with my friends Anna, Nellie, Luke, and Liv, working on collage. We’ve done a lot of artwork together over the last year or so and we’ve made a lot of nice things, I think.

This time, I made paper dolls. Paper people. A paper population!

Previous work I’ve done with this group, and also a mention of their island outpost:
End of Summer and I’m Sad
On the Road


12 thoughts on “Paper Dolls

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. It’s interesting what will come up when you are just playing around with the materials (and talking to kids, and eating cake, and hugging the new kitten, and all that at once!)

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, it was fun, and thanks for your nice comment. I am planning to make some more when I visit these same friends this week. I played with paper dolls a lot as a child and I made a lot of my own, maybe that’s why this idea ocurred to me? A return to childhood? Anyway, I liked doing them and each one is a surprise.

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