The Kiln and its Activities

I guess this is a bit of a misleading statement. The kiln doesn’t really have many activities, does it? Just sits in the garage and fires all my clay.

What an understatement.

It makes possible all the pleasant hours I spend working with the clay, shaping, glazing, focusing – and all the activities I encounter with my clay work, including shows, gifts, and leaving figurines all over the world (not yet, but who knows?)

Thank you, kiln!

Here are some tiles I did earlier in the summer. I have just unloaded a bisque load from the kiln and I think I’ll be glazing next week, so I should have some new work to show pretty soon. Oh, and I have some figurines to show, too – I’ll give them their own post next time, maybe.


4 thoughts on “The Kiln and its Activities

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    I think my clay work is improving. Or at least I feel that what I am hoping to convey is happening. Thank you so much. There is something very soothing about working with clay and I also like how the medium forces me to simplify and abstractify images.

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