A Random? Group Of Ladies

I painted these small pieces before my eye surgery in late October. As I said to someone, it’s a good thing that my work is not small and detailed, or I couldn’t have kept doing it as my sight declined!

They are all done on 3/8″ board that comes prepared with a canvas-like textured gesso surface. A couple of them are rehabs of earlier pieces I didn’t feel satisfied with – what I’ve done in those cases is cover the old image with randomly selected magazine page scraps, and then I just paint over that new surface. Sometimes the pictures from the magazine papers will show through – I like that effect.

I hadn’t realized I had painted so many pieces featuring women. I know I do a lot of them, but I had not realized I’d done so many at that time. Guess there was a crowd of them in my head waiting to come out and they took advantage of their group power and emerged all at once! Anyway, here they are.


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