A Group of Paintings

Here’s the last group of paintings I have to post at the moment – I’m all caught up with my paintings and now you are too!

I have a variety of themes there. A couple of these, “Round Hill” and “Over the Edge” , are from my walks/runs in Lorimer Park, on the rail trail or in the trail through the woods. There are so many views in this park that I’ve watched through the seasons, enjoying the changes. Since I painted these pieces earlier this year, in late summer/early fall, things look greener and more lush than they do now in December.

“Just A Garden But That’s Enough” was painted in late summer as well, and it depicts our flower garden in the back yard. This year my husband took charge of it since I was not well enough to do so, and he did such a great job – the sunflowers and zinnias grew like never before, and their brilliant colors – well, I just can’t say how they lifted my mood every time I looked at them. I did this painting outdoors, plein air!

“House in the Park” is also from Lorimer Park, but I’ve taken a lot of imaginative license with it. The inspiration for the piece is the ranger’s house and the workshop, both set right next to the trail. I didn’t worry about siting the buildings in the painting in any coherent manner, just fit them into the space. And I gave the whole scene a new color scheme. I was influenced, I think, by a wonderful garden of flowers planted along the beginning of the trail by the head ranger’s wife – right in front of these buildings. I have talked to her several times as she worked in the garden. I do love seeing the plants as they go through the seasons.

The last one, “Don’t Open The Basement Door”, is straight from my imagination. I’ve been doing a lot of mental clean-out this year, and I have learned that in some cases, once things are organized and stored away, it’s better to shut the door on them. And maybe it’s better not to rummage around in the basement too much, unless you have to. That’s what this painting is telling me, or I’m telling the world, I think.

Anyway, thanks for looking and reading, as always.


2 thoughts on “A Group of Paintings

  1. Nancy Bell Scott

    “Just A Garden But That’s Enough” is Absolutely Wonderful, Claudia (the painting, the title, and what you wrote). It’s instantly one of my very favorites of yours; it uplifts me too. I think it reminds me a little of Matisse, but if it does, in my opinion you out-Matisse Matisse.
    “Don’t Open The Basement Door” is words of wisdom for the state of my life at the moment.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. This garden is a funny little place in our back yard, fenced in to keep the deer out, and it’s a tangle of my two favorite flowers. No vegetables, though we did grow some gourds. A couple of vines. And it’s just a great little spot.

    Thank you so much.

    And the basement…I am striving to remember this. Once things are stored, leave them down there!

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