From the Woods to My House and Therefore Getting Painted

I haven’t worked on stick ladies recently – busy with other things. I had quite a collection from the summer, though, and here are some of them. I’ve given a lot away this fall, so I think I’ll be making more soon. I feel the itch.

I tried to find some sticks with curves, branches, or other interesting sections, and then I used the features in figuring out how I wanted to paint the women. They certainly develop their own personalities this way, or I should say, they have their own personalities already, inherent in the wood…

This group of ladies I painted just for myself. I have them in my bathroom right now. I designed their outfits and color scheme to go with the room – white, gray, and yellow. I think I will keep them there all winter and then maybe in the spring they’ll try a new location or who knows – a new home. Because I do like to give these figures to people.

stick ladies group of three in yellow white and gray 8-14

Here are some portraits of a few ladies. Thinking their own thoughts, they are.

10 thoughts on “From the Woods to My House and Therefore Getting Painted

  1. agnesashe

    Is it my imagination, but the ladies you’ve made for your home look a little sad or perhaps that’s the effect of the restricted palette. In either case they are quite charming.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    Yes, I noticed this too. I don’t know if they don’t like each other, or being stuck in the bathroom, or what, but they each have a sour look. I’m trying to cheer them up. It’s not working.

    I do know that when I make the faces on these people, it’s a matter of chance, almost, what expression they get. A little swoop or drop to a line and the expression goes from sad to mad to cheerful. Interesting to me. It’s not in my control!

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