Exciting New Museum Acquisition

The Claudia McGill Museum of Things Claudia McGill Picks Up From the Street When She Is Just Going Along Being Claudia McGill and Doing Claudia McGill Things

is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a major new piece: “Metal Moth”.

Front side. Or reverse side.

Front side. Or reverse side.

This stunning work was presented to the museum by its discoverer, Claudia McGill, last week. Its provenance is Jenkintown, PA, the parking lot of the Rydal Park retirement community. The piece was examined by an expert (Claudia McGill’s husband, Mr. Claudia McGill) and declared to be associated with the braking system of a large vehicle, such as a truck.

It’s hard to describe the excitement this piece has brought to the museum staff and visitors. “Wow!” exclaimed curator Claudia McGill at her first view of the piece. “People are really going to flip when they get a look at this! It’s heavy, it’s rusted, and you don’t see one of these every day. This piece has everything.”

As a note, the large size of the item has highlighted the museum’s space constraints. “It’s a dire situation,” admitted Claudia McGill, head of the board of trustees. “Something will have to be done right away. Never mind budget constraints and that kind of thing.”

Along those lines, expect an announcement soon, Claudia McGill, public relations, said. “The museum takes its mission seriously and we can’t let pieces of this quality just squeeze themselves together in a pile somewhere.”

Reverse side. Or front side.

Reverse side. Or front side.

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6 thoughts on “Exciting New Museum Acquisition

  1. Laurie

    OMG!! I tried several times to see this exhibit but the security guard, Mr. Claudia McGill kept throwing me out saying he had proof from Detective Claudia McGill that I only wanted to steal the Metal Moth.
    It wasn’t until Judge C. McGill ruled that I had no intention of any ill-will towards the art piece that I was allowed to see the exhibit.
    By that time I was told the exhibit had moved on. This was told to me by someone who looked like the published author of the New York best-seller’s list, Claudia McGill…of whom I later found out that she wanted exclusive book rights to the “Metal Moth” after making a huge movie deal with Oscar winner director, Claudia McGill.
    I only wanted to see the beauty of the Metal Moth in person…now I have to wait to see the movie.

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    It’s a very difficult situation you’re in. Let me talk to Claudia McGill, whose noted generosity (as outlined in the book “Claudia McGill: Her Story in Pictures” is famous around the world. You need compensation for your struggles, as any reputable mediator, such as Claudia McGill, as seen on TV, will tell you. Please accept a lifetime free ticket to any exhibit at the CMMuseum, courtesy of the Claudia McGill Foundation, Claudia McGill, Executive Director…

  3. Sheila Evans

    Dear Professor McGill,
    There is one item about the flying metal moth that has escaped all notice, except to the sleuth John Poirot, who has announced that there may be in the neighborhood of Jenkintown Pa, a rogue truck screaming around corners with not brakes. This being of no consequence to those in the ART world, we will disregard his observations and just keep looking up. With patina like that, what else is possible? Sincerely Sister Sheila

  4. Claudia McGill Post author

    John Poirot is absolutely right, and Claudia McGill, Certified Road Observer and licensed driver since 1974, is totally in agreement. It seems many drivers in the area do not actually need brakes since they are not using them but instead weaving in and out of traffic, running lights, and the like. This will be studied further by the appropriate persons, I am glad to tell you. And art can go on finding beauty in brakeless trucks!

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