Scraps. Scraps. What’s the Difference?

The word “scraps” can have a couple of meanings. One of them refers to left-overs, and the other is  – Fights. Arguments. Altercations. Disagreements. Knock down drag outs.

OK. Well, I’ll solve this little question. I’m only talking about scraps in the first sense.

I made these women-figure-painting-things from some scraps of wood we had in the garage. They are about 6″ tall, painted in acrylics. I gave them names because the idea amused me.

As a group, I admit they look quite strong-willed, now that I think of it. So it is a good thing that I took them to Lorimer Park and set them out along the rail trail. (Look here if you want to see them at the park.) I did separate them, so I guess the danger of a scrap, altercation, row, whatever, is pretty much zero.

OK, I know I’m stretching your patience here today! Thank you for indulging me.