Did They Just Get Off A Tour Bus?

I have a finished kiln-load of clay that I will be unloading today. And these ladies have been waiting patiently since the fall (or at least they haven’t complained to me) for their turn here. I figured I’d better get with it.

When I see figurines in groups like this I think of situations where a large group of women would be found (all wearing what look like muumuus? I’ll overlook that part, as I know we’re not in Hawaii). For some reason I felt this crowd was posing for group pictures while on a package vacation (OK, maybe it was Hawaii?).

Here they are. Fresh off the tour bus.

4 thoughts on “Did They Just Get Off A Tour Bus?

  1. Sharon Mann

    Lol, what a great group of curious ladies. I think they are ready for a luau and then a shopping spree for souvenirs from Hawaii to give to the grand kids!

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    They will do the whole thing – hula demo, luau, outrigger canoe ride, and an intrepid few will hike up to the summit of Diamond Head. They are something else, this group!

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