Clay House Neighborhood

Here are some small clay houses I made recently. They’re maybe 3 or so inches tall.

I know you’ve seen clay houses like these before, but I changed the method I used to make these a little bit and I like it better.

Previously, I created the house, let it dry slightly, used Velvet underglazes for the colors on the still-moist clay, and then incised around the details of the house. That method allows the color of the clay to show through in the incisions but I found it hard to get a good level color on the houses – they were streaky. I also had some trouble seeing well enough to make the incised lines as I wanted them.

With these houses, I created the house, let it dry slightly, then I took a rubber pointed-tip tool and drew in the windows and doors and etc. I pressed hard enough to get a good deepish line. Then I fired them.

Next, I used the technique I follow with relief tiles – paint over the whole surface with Velvet underglaze (in this case, jet black) and wash it off – leaving it in the lines. Then I filled in the rest of the house with whatever colors I wanted.

I found this method easier and I liked the color outcomes better, too. Now I have two ways to make these little houses – that’s a good thing to have some choice.

Look here if you want to see some previous houses.

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