Sunshine Photos Part One

I think I’m going to devote the next few days to photos that came out of my recent Sunshine Project. During the Project, I took hundreds of photos and I showed most of them in the posts there. Some photos I thought were interesting or intriguing on their own, just visually, regardless of the context I was presenting them in. And some others, I got the idea to play around with them and see what I could make of them.

So I’ll start off with some for today.

This photo is of the back wall of one of the abandoned train control boxes at the rail trail at Lorimer Park. It had an array of holes in it. I thought this photo looked somewhat like a little face.

Eyes 3-16-15 small



And then I took the photo and after a lot of changes, here is what I ended up with.

Holes in wood box 3-16-15 small

More eyes?


Now, the next picture is of the pink tile walls in the hallways of a local Catholic high school. I did a craft fair there this last weekend. Originally the school, now coed, was separated into two identical ones with identical buildings, side by side. Identical except for their color scheme – the girls had pink and the boys, a mint green. I liked the look of these pink tiles.

Pink tile 3-21-15 small

The wonderful pink tile.


And here is what I did to the pink tile photo. Something about the grid and the dark lines vs. the pink surface caught my imagination.

Pink tile wall remodeled 3-15 small

Pink tile, remodeled.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine Photos Part One

  1. Sheila Evans

    Just me, but I absolutely LOVE the untouched face and I absolutely LOVE the remodeled pink. So what’s that about? The face is classic and the DC or direct current adds immensely. The tile with the lines remodeled is stunner. But that is just my humble opinion. Looking forward to more Sunshine…

  2. Claudia McGill Post author

    You know, I like all of them, and I can’t say why, either, I just know they attracted my eye or prompted me to want to look further into what they could be (which could be infinite numbers, right?) I’m glad they caught your attention, too. There is so much out there that’s overlooked and just waiting for us to see it, isn’t there?

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