Sunshine Photos Part Six – Not Quite

This photo is really not one taken for the Sunshine Project – it was from a walk my husband and I took the day after the project ended. But, I include it to encourage myself. I hope to continue taking photos. I used to do a fair amount of photography and I really enjoyed it. It is a different way of working than I follow in my painting, collage, and clay work; and, it gets me out and into the world. Photos can stand on their own as art or they can serve as visual prompts for work in other media, or both.

Cardinal. Fort Washington State Park, March, 2015.

Cardinal. Fort Washington State Park, March, 2015.

This bird was sitting in a tree and the park was very quiet, so we could clearly hear its song.

I did various things to this photo and ended up with a composition that focused on the bird in the same way we did that day – it was as if everything and everyone was silent for a little while so that the cardinal could shine on its own.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Photos Part Six – Not Quite

  1. Claudia McGill Post author

    Thank you. I like seeing where a photo will go. I love cardinals and wanted to emphasize the fact that at that moment I took the picture, it seemed as if it were the only bird in the woods and was the star of the show.

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